Advanced Analytics Platform

GRACE Data Model – Store and connect any amount of corporate diversity data

Every (large) company or organisation has data in different structures and (custom) systems. GRACE uses a network based tier-to-tier data model which is able to morph to every possible data model. Data structures are changed for every data source and data connections are maintained between them just like the concept in a social network, ever expanding and learning from each other allowing data sources to get acquainted with and through each other. This makes the possibilities for data storage complexity virtual limitless, without extensive manual customisations.


GRACE Mining and Advanced Analytics – Perform Algorithms on any given data-set

The data mining modules of GRACE, like the a-priori mining module (basket mining), are able to perform analytics on top of this intelligent data model without re-programming and configuration. End-users are able to perform innovative mining algorithms and statistical operations within minutes, without having to rely on IT specialists.

Enterprise Data Browser – Enable data discovery and browsing on every record

The third component is enabling end-users to browse and discovery all data in the model. So even when data is not connected in the company’s infrastructure, GRACE enables data browsing with the help of the intelligent data connections. This enables so called ‘walked-through’ of any data chain in any environment, allowing end-users to view data in (near) real-time instead of reading reports based on outdated information.

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