Data Science Projects

Integrale aanpak

Data Science vraagstukken kunnen dermate complex en omvangrijk zijn dat het inhuren van individuele experts hierbij niet voldoende is. Verschillende kennis en disciplines zijn nodig om de aspecten van het toepassen van een succesvolle transformatie van waarde uit data met Data Science & Analytics.

Wij beschikken over een integrale aanpak, tooling, methodes, modellen en verschillende experts die samen een complex vraagstuk kunnen begeleiden.

We hebben één ingewerkt en zeer bedreven team. Onze hands-on kennis varieert van Oracle tot R en van Finance tot Overheid.

Wij buigen ons hierbij op kennis en ervaring van projecten bij verschillende multinationals waarbij we complexe samengestelde Data Science vraagstukken tot een succesvol einde hebben gebracht.

Grace Systems provided several industries with predictive analytical insight on corporate data:

Finance & Banking – Rabobank Netherlands: Grace Systems helps Rabobank to transform their security model according to regulation and compliancy. With Grace Systems Rabobank was able to simulate transaction chains between staff administration in SAP, technical infrastructure Oracle and banking Mainframes in HP and IBM. Improvement potential was a reduction on time and budget by 80%.

High Tech Industry – ASML: Grace Systems supported high tech design and engineering processes with insights in actual performance. More specific to analyse the root cause of Risks in Design and Engineering. Grace Systems demonstrated the value in 10% of the costs due to the absence of customization and long lead times needed for IT integration.

Retail & Commerce – Unilever: Grace Systems was able to combine data from  consumer engagement socio demographics in a very short time. Grace Systems algorithms check for quality and analyse trends and topics hidden within unstructured data such as customer comments on taste, packaging and customer service. These topic clusters can be correlated to marketing efforts, product lines and time. Current solutions will use ETL reporting and hard coded reports. Grace Systems was able to deliver customer insight within weeks.

Government – Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Grace Systems performed an audit of the entire identity data infrastructure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Grace Systems has shown its expertise in risk analysis, regulatory compliance, internal audit, internal control, security and data governance. Data of involved systems Siemens, Oracle and SAP where loaded and analysed.

Healthcare – Erasmus Medical Center: Grace Systems has proven methods and Data Mining models for healthcare companies to assess regulatory compliance, risk and compliance requirements. Grace Systems supported the re-implementation of an Oracle ERP suite for the Erasmus Medical Center.

Telecom – KPN: Grace Systems is conducting a pilot project on risk assessment and debt collections at the Dutch national telecom company. It consists in combining data from different processes and calculating the risk or the possibility that certain debts in payments are recovered. The proof of concept was conducted in 12 weeks and resulted in significant improvement in risk profiles, higher conversion rates and cost reduction on billing and collection.